Makalini LLC, is company specializing in vertical farming.
The company was established in 2015 with the goal to bring cost price efficiency to vertical farming technology.

By 2019 a vertical farm utilizing Makalini Multilayer Conveyor System was developed and deployed. After successful passing trial production period we are proud to have the best in industry (most price efficient) patented indoor farming solution.

Today the team behind Makalini includes globally experienced people from USA, Spain and Russia with ambition to scale success internationally.
Vertical Farming is struggling with high cost of production, despite of all the positive aspects of the growing method
MAKALINI can produce fresh leafy greens and vegetables in large volumes at the lowest cost in the greenhouse market with close proximity to consumers, with no pesticides and with the consistent quality and output all year round.
Seedling transplants
Fragrance and
medical herbs*
Leafy Greens
Insects for protein*
Natural Drying*
* R&D is needed to optimize farm design and technology to selected application.
MAKALINI strive to manufacture premium leafy greens at minimum cost. We plan to have limited assortment of most effective cultures, starting from spinach and sunflower baby green.
Leafy Green wholesalers
Salad Bar and Smoozy HORECA chains
Retail Chains
Salad, fresh and healthy food manufacturers and delivery services
Green Markets
easy market entry
Makalini Multi Layer Conveyor System (MLCS)
Very low power and resources, less waste, require less human interaction than other vertical farming solutions.
Capital investments - significantly lower than industry average.
Simplicity in construction, use of standard equipment, more efficient automation, less LEDs, irrigation, plant treatment due to conveyor system.
Construction cost $3-3.5mln vs other farms which are x7-10 times more expensive.
Yield per month – up to 350 tons (1500 tons/hectare).
Production can be operated by 3 people x 3 shifts (for full cycle).
Controlled by proprietary SW on PC and mobile.
5-42 m
25-1000 m
5m-no limit
Classic vertical farm
Makalini conveyor farm
Racks with walkways. Constant move of people and machines on aisles, both horizontally and vertically.
Light, water, sensors – has to be positioned on each tray.

High power lamps will burn the plants.
Trays have to be lifted down and transported to seeding or harvest, or robots have to be moved to reach the trays.
No movement of people and machines between trays.
Much less LED, hydration, sensors can be used, tray will come and go automatically.

More powerful lamps can be used as the plants are passing by, changing angle and distance.
Tray moves and naturally reaches automation points (harvest, seeding).
Maximum utilization of space due to conveyor system. No walkways between garden trays are needed.
More powerful lamps (less in quantity), less sensors and hydration stations – conveyor will bring trays to pass by.
Trays are delivered by conveyor to automation points from seeding up to harvest, no need to move trays or machines inside the farm.
Most of equipment parts are standard, massively produced and available on local markets.
Best automation possibilities give maximum opportunity to reduce workforce.
Relatively easy to adjust conveyor for new culture or even capacity or dimensions extend.
We offer to establish HIGH PROFITABLE business with ROI 12-14 months and high scaling potential.
Best climate control efficiency due to high density of trays.
Oleg Ponomarev
Mobile, WhatsApp +7 916 693 7246
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